by Maggie Stapleton 


The University of Washington School of Music is fortunate to have Huck Hodge as an Assistant Professor of Composition.  Hodge has already won more prestigious composition awards than many renowned composers twice his age.  He is the winner of a 2012 Guggenheim Fellowship the 2010-2011 Rome Prize, the 2008 Gaudeamus Prize and the Aaron Copland Award from the Bogliasco Foundation.

Huck stopped by our studios to share some insights about three of his compositions & recordings: re[(f)use] (2012), Parallaxes (2005), and Alêtheia (2011).  As you listen to Huck’s commentary about Parallaxes, refer to this image.

With 3 other esteemed composers (Richard Karpen, Juan Pampin, and Joël-François Durand on faculty at UW and a top notch student modern ensemble, Inverted Space, expect this to be the first of many features on that program!