What is Second Inversion?
Second Inversion is a weekly radio show airing Saturdays at 10pm PT on Classical KING FM 98.1. Each week’s episode features a different theme or trend in contemporary music, allowing listeners a chance to hear the music from a new perspective. Each piece is hand-picked by host Maggie Molloy to draw connections between classical music of the past, wide-ranging musical genres of the present, and cutting-edge sounds of the future.

What’s with the name?
In music theory, an inversion is the rearrangement of notes within a chord – see Wikipedia for more.  With Second Inversion, we hope to expand listeners’ definition of “classical music” while still treating the classical canon with deference…  just like the musical second inversion, where the chord has been shaken up but the notes haven’t changed.

How do I get airplay?

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We love discovering new music and are happy to consider any submissions!

Please send high quality .WAVs and PDFs of album booklets, artwork, and notes via Dropbox or another file-sharing site to secondinversion@king.org.

Do you take requests?
Yes, absolutely! Drop us a line at any time and tell us what you’d like to hear.

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