by Maggie Stapleton 

Andrew C. Smith

Andrew C. Smith is a composer, pianist, and co-founder of Indexical, which is “dedicated to supporting music by composers who work outside of mainstream contemporary music institutions” through recording projects, live concerts, and publications.

Andrew’s currently living in Seattle and stopped by the studios recently to share a curated playlist with three selections from Index 0, the first record released on Indexical.

Among the pieces on the list is Topology (phases of this difference).  A performance of his Topology recently shared the stage with John Teske’s topographies at the Good Shepherd Center.  For a more in depth look at the piece and its location-based uniquity, I’ll leave that to Andrew!

Elizabeth Adams: CUSP
Beau Sievers: Distance Etude No. 1
Andrew C. Smith: Topology (phases of this difference)
James Tenney: Critical Band

Happy listening and we’ll keep you posted on Indexical’s projects!