Guest Blogging at New Music Box

by Maggie Stapleton


Last month, I had the great pleasure of blogging over at New Music Box, a publication from New Music USA. My topics ranged from careers in music to community to classifying genre to the state of radio. If you missed any of them, we’ve got a recap for you here!

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What I Didn’t Learn in Music School: “If you’re earning a comfortable wage and living a happy life doing Exactly What You Thought You’d Do With Your Degree(s), I applaud you. Sincerely! I am among the many people in the music world who are not, but I couldn’t be happier with where I landed…” Read the full post here.

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Overthinking Genre: Second Inversion is a project dedicated to rethinking classical music, presenting new and unusual music from all corners of the classical genre. What does that mean? All corners of the classical genre? Even just ‘genre’? And how does one describe, define, and label this sonic palate that is perhaps most commonly referred to as ‘new music’? It’s a question I confront daily, but there’s no clear answer and it’s a hot topic in recent blog posts and Facebook discussions within the community…” Read the full post here.

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An Ode to Community: “Which communities do I belong to? Why are they important to me? What is my role in each one? Does community mean the same thing to me as to other people? What value do they add to my life? How can I impact my fellow community members in positive ways? Though I’m a part of many communities, I realize now that I’ve spent much of my life simply existing and participating in them, but not fully appreciating the innumerable facets of beauty and possibility that they offer….” Read the full post here.

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The Case for Radio: “‘Is radio dying?’ I’ve been hearing this ominous question for years, especially in the context of the plethora of digital music platforms—Spotify, Pandora, our personal music collections, YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and many more. Can good old-fashioned radio continue to thrive among the other options out there? I believe the answer is yes; radio is evolving, not dying, and there are foundational principles of radio that can’t compete with fancy new technologies…” Read the full post here.

And for fun, a related info graphic from the University of Florida.

The Evolution of Musical Tools