Second Inversion Programming Sample – Weekly KING FM Show

Beginning in February 2020, Second Inversion will launch a new weekly show on our parent station, Classical KING FM 98.1.

The show will air on Saturday nights from 10-11pm PT and will be dedicated to showcasing the breadth and diversity of contemporary classical and experimental music. Each weekly episode will be built around a central theme. Below is a sample playlist with the theme “Unusual Instruments.”

10:00pm: Gabriel Prokofiev: Concerto for Turntables & Orchestra
DJ Yoda, turntables; Heritage Orchestra; Jules Buckley, conductor
Album: Gabriel Prokofiev: Selected Classical Works (Nonclassical 17)

10:11pm: Carolina Eyck: A Whale in Love
Carolina Eyck, theremin; Christopher Tarnow, piano
Album: Improvisations for Theremin and Piano (Butterscotch Records 10)

10:15pm: Philip Glass (arr. Third Coast Percussion): Amazon River
Third Coast Percussion, found objects and nontraditional percussion instruments
Album: Paddle to the Sea (Cedille Records 175)

10:24pm: John Cage: Sonata No. 14 (from Sonatas and Interludes)
Kate Boyd, prepared piano (a piano with screws and bolts on the strings)
Album: John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes / In a Landscape (Navona 5984)

10:27pm: Harry Partch: “The Wind” (from Eleven Intrusions)
Charles Corey and Melia Watras, Partch’s handmade microtonal instruments
Second Inversion live recording at the University of Washington, April 2016

10:29pm: Trimpin: Above, Below, and In Between: Part V
Seattle Symphony; Ludovic Morlot, conductor; featuring a motion-controlled robotic piano created by Trimpin
Album: Trimpin: Above, Below, and In Between (Seattle Symphony Media 1008)

10:35pm: Angélica Negrón: The Little Things
Phyllis Chen, toy piano
Album: Little Things (New Focus Recordings 133)

10:43pm: Pamela Z: Ethel Dreams of Temporal Disturbances
Ethel Quartet; Vijay Iyer, piano; Pamela Z, voice, electronics, samples, and programming
Album: Light (Cantaloupe Music 21037)

10:50pm: Michael Gordon: Timber (Hauschka remix)
Mantra Percussion, 2×4 planks of wood; remix by Hauschka
Album: Timber Remixed (Cantaloupe Music 21121)