The Music of Dracula: Saturday, Oct. 21 | 9pm

by Maggie Molloy
Christopher Lee as Dracula in the 1958 film.

Vampires never die—and there’s one in particular who keeps coming back to bite us.

When Bram Stoker first penned the immortal tale of Dracula back in 1897, even he probably couldn’t have imagined the coffin he was opening. The vampire novel has spawned over 200 movie adaptations, not to mention theatre, TV, literature—and of course, music.

On this Saturday’s episode of Second Inversion, we’re sinking our teeth into the music of Dracula. We’ll explore four spine-chilling Dracula film scores, from the haunting to the hypnotic—and the just plain scary. Plus, the story of one actor who took the role of Dracula to the grave…literally.

To listen, tune in to KING FM on Saturday, Oct. 21 at 9pm PT.

A Little Midnight Music: Saturday, Oct. 14 | 9pm

by Maggie Molloy
“Around Midnight.” Photo by James Loesch.

When the lights go out, your ears open to the orchestra of sounds around you.

On a dark night, you hear things that escape you during the day. The rustle of the leaves outside your window, the wind whipping through the trees, each and every creak in the floorboards—you hear it late at night.

This Saturday on Second Inversion: A Little Midnight Music. We’ll close our eyes and take in all the melodies, with music inspired by moonlit strolls, late-night secrets, and the mysterious lure of midnight.

To listen, tune in to KING FM on Saturday, Oct. 14 at 9pm PT.

Music for a Rainy Day: Saturday, Oct. 7 | 9pm

by Maggie Molloy
“Rain Over Street Lights.” Photo by Silent Shot.

On a gloomy, gray day, there’s nothing sweeter than curling up on the couch and just listening to the sound of the rain.

This Saturday on Second Inversion: Music for a Rainy Day. Snuggle up with your coziest blanket and pour yourself a hot mug of tea, as we hear music inspired by the pitter-patter of raindrops against the window. One composer takes us through the summer storms of his native Cuba, while another explores the rhythm of raindrops as nature’s heartbeat. Plus, the story of a tree that seems to create its own rain.

To listen, tune in to KING FM on Saturday, Oct. 7 at 9pm PT.

Treasure State: Saturday, Sept. 30 | 9pm

by Maggie Molloy
The Yellowstone River in Montana. Photo by Daxis.

Montana is a place with a lot of nicknames. Big Sky Country, for those wide open skies that seem to stretch on forever; Stub-Toe State, since the amateur hiker might walk away with more than a few stubbed toes; and Treasure State, for it’s rich mineral reserves.

But Montana got its official state name from the Spanish word montaña: mountain. The majestic Rocky Mountains stretch over 250 miles along the western side of the state—just imagine the music that must echo across those peaks.

This Saturday on Second Inversion: Treasure State. We’ll hear two musical gems from Montana. One composer finds inspiration in the fiddle and the folk melodies of home, while a group of percussionists finds music in Montana’s more elemental materials—mining music from every cactus, bucket of water, and aluminum beer can they can find.

To listen, tune in to KING FM on Saturday, Sept. 30 at 9pm PT.

Autumn Leaves: Saturday, Sept. 23 | 9pm

by Maggie Molloy
Photo by Kylir Horton.

Picture yourself under a canopy of changing leaves: golden orange and bold, beautiful red. The air is cool and crisp, you’re all wrapped up in cozy flannel.

On a cold autumn evening, there’s nothing like going for a long walk under the trees, a mug full of spiced wine in-hand, just taking in the sounds of the season. On this Saturday’s episode of Second Inversion, autumn is in the air! We’ll hear music inspired by crunching leaves, cool, crisp winds, and the colors and flavors of fall.

To listen, tune in to KING FM on Saturday, Sept. 23 at 9pm PT.