Sweet Dreams: Saturday, Dec. 26 | 10pm

Max Richter is among the featured artists in this week’s episode. Photo by Mike Terry.

by Maggie Molloy

We’re all in need of a little extra tenderness this year—a lullaby to help calm and quiet our restless minds. As this whirlwind of a year draws to a close, we’ll wind down with some introspective music.

On this Saturday’s episode of Second Inversion: music to lull you to sleep. We’ll hear modern lullabies that’ll have you counting sheep. Tune in for music inspired by sweet dreams, starlit evenings, and the quiet hum of midnight.

To listen, tune in to KING FM on Saturday, Dec. 26 at 10pm PT.

Not Your Cookie-Cutter Carols: Dec. 19 | 10pm

Music of Phil Kline, Jherek Bischoff, and the DePue Brothers is featured in this week’s episode.

by Maggie Molloy

After years of the same old Christmas carols, the holiday hymns do start to run together. But whether you’re the world’s biggest Santa-fan or a grouchy Ebenezer Scrooge, there’s still a little magic to be found in every classical Christmas tune.

On this Saturday’s episode of Second Inversion: not your cookie-cutter Christmas carols. We’ll hear music from composers who like to bend the rules, break the mold, and spike the eggnog. From a Twin Peaks Christmas mashup to a very UNsilent night, we’ll hear how composers today are reimagining holiday music.

To listen, tune in to KING FM on Saturday, Dec. 19 at 10pm PT.

Heavenly Voices: Saturday, Dec. 12 | 10pm

by Maggie Molloy

Reflection is an important part of any spirituality or faith, whether that takes the form of prayer, meditation, or—for many people—music.

On this Saturday’s episode of Second Inversion: heavenly voices. We’re exploring sacred and spiritual works from contemporary composers. From the strum of the harp to the ringing of bells, we’ll hear songs of the angels and visions of divine. Plus, one composer’s “postcard” from heaven.

To listen, tune in to KING FM on Saturday, Dec. 12 at 10pm PT.

Jet Lag: Saturday, Dec. 5 | 10pm

by Maggie Molloy

The life of a musician is filled with many travels: glamorous nights spent performing in cities all over the world, and long days spent—well, at the airport.

On this Saturday’s episode of Second Inversion, we’re exploring music inspired by the thrill of travel—and the tedious process of actually getting to your destination. We’ll hear music of airplanes, airports, and of course, the accompanying jet lag. Please place your seat backs and tray tables in their full, upright position.

To listen, tune in to KING FM on Saturday, Dec. 5 at 10pm PT.

Music of the People: Saturday, Nov. 28 | 10pm

by Maggie Molloy

Connor Chee, the Danish String Quartet, and Nathalie Joachim are among the musicians featured in this week’s episode.

We often think of classical music as kind of the opposite of folk music. Classical music values complexity, precision, and perfection—it runs counter to some of the warmth, immediacy, and community-oriented aspects that are so central to folk music.

And yet, classical composers across history have found inspiration in folk traditions the world over. On this week’s episode, we’ll explore modern takes on classic folk tunes from around the globe. Tune in for a Navajo corn-grinding chant, folk songs from the women of Haiti, traditional wedding tunes from the Danish island of Fanø, and an instrument used to communicate with the ancestral spirits of the Shona people.

To listen, tune in to KING FM on Saturday, Nov. 28 at 10pm PT.

The Westerlies’ rendition of “Pretty Saro” is included in this week’s episode.