Desert Mirage: Saturday, July 22 | 9pm

by Maggie Molloy
Music from Robert Black’s Possessed is included in this episode. Photo by Gabriel Gomez.

Blinding sun, shimmering sands, prickly plants and an endless, open sky—there is something magical about the desert.

It’s difficult to put it into words, to capture it on paper, or to sum it up in a song. The music of the desert slips through your hand like sand, evaporates like a mirage—but composers have never stopped trying to capture it. This Saturday on Second Inversion: Desert Mirage. From singing sands to desert duets, cactus needles to cricket songs, we’ll hear music and stories from deep within the desert.

To listen, tune in to KING FM on Saturday, July 22 at 9pm PT.

3 thoughts on “Desert Mirage: Saturday, July 22 | 9pm

  1. Hello, I really enjoy the Second Inversion Show. Thank you Maggie M. for putting it together and hosting. Where can I find a playlist during or maybe after the show each week? Thanks very much !

    • Hello Alexa, thank you so much for listening and for your kind words! You can always find the full playlist for any Second Inversion episode on the Classical KING web playlist under the corresponding date and time:

      Second Inversion airs every Saturday night at 9pm.

      Unfortunately we’re not able to offer episodes for on-demand listening due to music copyrights—but we do often air encore episodes, so if you miss an episode when it initially airs, you can contact us or keep an eye on the website to see when that episode will air again.

      Thank you for listening with open ears, and for all your support of new and adventurous music!

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    I am also looking for S-I radio show archives. Is this available and where would one find this. Again, many thanks ~

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