Legend Has It… Saturday, April 29 | 9pm

by Maggie Molloy

Some stories grow bigger and bolder the more times they’re told—until they turn into legends…

On this Saturday’s episode of Second Inversion: The Stuff of Legends! We’ll hear new music inspired by ancient myths, fables, and folklore. Gather ’round the fire and tune in for epic tales from the Silk Road, the Andes Mountains, and the cliffs of Ireland.

To listen, tune in to KING FM on Saturday, April 29 at 9pm PT.

2 thoughts on “Legend Has It… Saturday, April 29 | 9pm

    • Thank you for listening! The harpist was Philip Boulding of Magical Strings, based here in the Pacific Northwest! He teaches Celtic harp and performs all over the region with his family. Here’s a video of Philip and his wife Pam Boulding performing in our studios a few years ago:

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