VIDEO PREMIERE: Robert Honstein’s “Soul House” ft. Hub New Music

by Maggie Molloy

There’s no place like home: the sounds, the smells, the secret places that shape our childhood experiences.

Robert Honstein’s Soul House explores memories of his own childhood home in New Jersey, with each movement inspired by a unique space within or nearby the house. From the playful to the introspective, he captures the fleeting moments that make a childhood house into a home. The title comes from an ancient Egyptian tradition of burying clay model houses in tombs with the deceased, intended as a vessel for the soul to inhabit in the afterlife.

We’re thrilled to premiere a brand new video for the piece, performed by Hub New Music and Urbanity Dance and captured by Four/Ten Media.

Hub New Music’s debut album Soul House is out now on New Amsterdam Records. For more details, click here.

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