Second Inversion on NW Focus LIVE!

Sean MacLean, Host of KING FM’s NW Focus LIVE.

New music in the Northwest is the theme of this week’s episode of Classical KING FM’s NW Focus LIVE.

Second Inversion’s Maggie Molloy.

Second Inversion’s Maggie Molloy is the featured guest on this Friday’s show, where she will share a handful of live and local performances from the Second Inversion library, including a wide range of performances recorded in our studio and out in the community. She’ll also talk with KING FM’s Sean MacLean about the thrill of discovering new sounds, the surprising intersections of old and new music, and what makes Seattle’s new music scene so vibrant.

So, what’s on the playlist? We don’t want to give too much away, but suffice to say we’ll hear music from Seattle’s favorite brass quartet, a vocal ensemble with some serious bite, an ocean of percussion, and a whole lot more—including a brand new, unreleased recording captured just this week in our studios.

This special Second Inversion edition of NW Focus LIVE airs this Friday, Feb. 22 at 8pm PT on Classical KING FM 98.1. Click here to tune in from anywhere in the world!

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