by Jill Kimball

You know what’s really impressive? Musicians who can conduct and play…at the same time.

That’s the whole concept behind A Far Cry, a collective of 17 awesome musicians (they call themselves “criers”), all of whom can lead or follow whenever necessary. This group is all about diverting expectations and experimenting with new ways to prepare, perform and present music.

They visited our studios to record some liners the other week…

In this exclusive clip, A Far Cry plays a collection of short pieces from composer Ljova, aka Lev Zhurbin, aka “a man about town”–or so says Jesse Irons! Bagels, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and weddings in New Jersey play a part. It’s fun, catchy, and the crowd went nuts. Hit play and give it a listen while you surf. It’s Fiddler on the Roof meets Bartok’s Rumanian Folk Dances meets… well, A Far Cry.

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